Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi all!

I just finished putting together the quotes I will be using in my classroom this year!!  I already have a set but I had to make a new one to match my new theme and color scheme.   (You know how that goes!!)

 The school I teach at is a Great Expectations model school.  You can learn about Great Expectations here.   One aspect of GE includes teaching and using quotes in the classroom.  I LOVE doing this with my kids!!

Every Monday, I introduce a quote to my students.  We read the quote together and then I talk to them about the person being quoted.  I ask the students what they think the quote means and then we spend a lot of time talking about situations in which the quote would be used or applied. 

In order to help the kids remember the quotes, we turn them in to call backs.  For example, the quote I always start the year with is "If we don't all row, the boat won't go."  This quote is great to teach at the beginning because it is all about teamwork!  So...what I do is I say the first part of the quote "If we don't all row" and the students respond with "the boat won't go."  It is amazing how quickly the students learn the quotes when you turn them in to call backs!

I put up the quotes as I teach them.  The kids LOVE to practice reading them when they are doing their Read Around the Room station.

You know the students are really learning these quotes when they use it in the classroom or when one of your little boys comes up to you and tells you how he used the quote "All things are difficult before they are easy." when his sister was having trouble learning how to ride her bike. (That sure put a smile on my face!)

Well...hope all of you have a good night!  

Until next time!

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  1. Hello! I am moving to 2nd grade from kindergarten next school year. I am planning on using quotes in my classroom too. Would you be willing to send me your quotes? Or post a link? I would really appreciate it. :) Thanks!!