Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Happy September everyone!

A new month means it's Currently time again!

LISTENING - I am a huge Texans fan!  When I heard our hometown team was going to be featured on Hard Knocks, I was so excited!  It's nice to see another side of the coaches and players.  Plus, it's neat to see what goes into building the team.  Oh, and there's J. J. WATT...need I say more?

LOVING - So for last month's Currently, I was loving how my mom was in town to visit.  Well, now my dad is here!  He is really enjoying his time with his one and only grandson.

THINKING - I'm so excited for tomorrow to come!  I'll be meeting up with two of my closest teacher friends at our new favorite Mexican restaurant.  We all went different ways this school year.  They both moved to two different districts and I'm staying home.  We promised each other that we will get together as often as we can.

WANTING - I'm so excited Blue Bell is back!  My all time favorite flavor is Cookies and Cream.  Unfortunately, I think it's everyone else's favorite flavor too because I can't find it anywhere.  Oh well, maybe that's just a sign that I don't really need it.  Ha!

NEEDING - We'll be heading to San Diego this weekend for my little cousin's wedding.  I need to find an outfit for little man to wear.  Guess I should get on that stat!

3 GOALS - I haven't been able to get any exercise in since I had my little boy.  Actually, I haven't had time to do much of anything!  One of my goals is to get a little bit of exercise each day even if it's just taking him for a walk.  Another goal is to finally get my office clean and organized.  I've been working on it for-e-ver!  Finally, my goal is to make my own baby food.  Any advice on where to start?

That's it folks!

What are you all up to?

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