Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.  Me...well, I'm stuck in bed with this terrible cold.  Congestion, runny nose, headache, sore throat....ugh...happens to me at the beginning of the school year ALL - THE - TIME.

Moving on...

I had a GREAT first week with my students!!  I have 20 kids this year...exactly 10 girls and 10 cool is that?  We spent A LOT of time last week doing relationship building activities and playing getting to know you games.  

I am working on getting the students to address each other by name when talking to each other.  According to one of my kiddos "Yeah, we aren't horse food so we shouldn't call each other Hey!"  (too funny).  We played a fun and simple game to practice each other's names.  All you need are some soft items to toss each other (we used small beanie babies).

Sit in a circle.
The teacher starts off the game by calling out a student's name and tossing the item to the student.
Then, that student calls out another student's name (preferably across the circle from them) and tosses the item to that student.
The game continues until the item makes it back to the teacher.
Now here's the fun the game again (tossing to the same person) and after the fifth student has caught the item, the teacher starts another round by tossing a second item.  The items are tossed in the same order until both end up with the teacher. There will be two items being tossed so the students really have to pay attention!!

The students and I got so good at it, we were able to toss three items!!  Of course, when we were done, we made sure to thank each other by name.

In the midst of all the back to school craziness, I was able to whip up a batch of Very Hungry Caterpillar cookies for a friend's son's first birthday.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it in time for his birthday.  When I was looking into why they were late, I couldn't help but think there was a Very Hungry FedEx Man out there - HA! - but they did get there eventually and my friend ended up using them as Thank You's.

Okay...time to wrap up this loooong post with a Currently linky party by Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade.

 It's your turn now! 

Enjoy your holiday folks!!  Until next time!!