Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hi everyone!

Today was a great day!  My cousin ~who also happens to be a first grade teacher~ came by and we hung out pretty much all day.  It's always nice to have family around!!

We started the day off with lunch ~yummy fish tacos~ and then spent the rest of the day putting together birthday straws for her class.  She has a star theme in her classroom so we designed the tags and mounted them on stars that we cut on my Cricut machine.  They turned out SO CUTE!!  I am so jealous!!

My cousin is pretty computer savvy and is always up for a challenge.  When I told her I was having trouble trying to figure out how to create and add a blog button to my blog she was like "Let's do it!"  After a lot of trial and error we finally figured it out.  So...feel free to "Grab my button!"

Well, I hope all of you had a great day too!

Until next time!

1 comment:

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