Thursday, May 8, 2014


Boy did I procrastinate this year!  It wasn't until Tuesday when I really started to think of what my students will make for Mother's Day gifts.

As I was walking through Michael's yesterday, I came across some silk flowers.  The flowers reminded me of my principal at my previous school and her flower pens.  At the beginning of every year and during holidays, our principal would give us these flower pens.  She gave us so many that we were able to make "floral arrangements" with them!  That's when I decided to have the kids make flower pens for their mothers.  One can never have too many pens, right?   Especially pretty ones!

I didn't spend a whole lot on the materials.  The flowers were 60% off.  The roll of floral tape was less than $2.00 (one roll was more than enough to wrap 40 pens).  The pens came in a pack of ten for $.97.  The tags were made from index cards and the ribbon was left over from my teammate's baby shower.

The pens weren't hard to make at all.  The kids caught on really fast.  The only thing I really helped with was cutting the flowers and tying the pens into a mini bouquet.  For the finishing touch, we sprayed some nice scent on the flowers.  That was their favorite part!

I have to say that the pens turned out nice!  Not bad for the last minute.  

What kind of Mother's Day projects are you doing in your classroom?

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