Sunday, April 27, 2014


I recently added two sight word games to our word work station and all of a sudden I was THE best teacher ever.  Of course, that's the same reaction I got when I added the stamps and the beads and the sight word graphing sheets too.  Ha!  I just love my kiddos.  Honestly though...their reactions are good reminders to keep things fresh and new!

Five in a Row is popular with the kids.  They get quite competitive when they play.  I love it when I hear them repeating the name of the word they need to win when they spin the spinner.  "Come on and, and, and, and!"  That's when I know they are really practicing those sight words!

Race to the Top is the second game I added.  The kids practice reading and writing their sight words with this game.  I have my kids say each letter as they write the word.  I find that the kids learn their words better when they do that.  Notice how the word 'when' is circled?   The kids came up with the idea of circling the word they think will win.  Of course, the word they choose happens to "win" almost every time they play.

If you are interested in these games, please check out my Sight Word Games pack.

Have a great evening everyone!

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