Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Ever have one of those days when your students are on and you're like YES!  
That's exactly how I felt yesterday when the kids and I did our weekly lexicon.  

I had one of my students randomly choose a word from the dictionary just like I do every Monday.  

The word of the week...daughter.  

We recited our cute little rhyme and then counted the vowels, the consonants and added them together.

Student #1 - "Another way to make 8 is 4+4.  That's a double."
Student #2 - "The word daughter is a rule breaker because 'au' doesn't make the long a sound."
Student #3 - "I see bossy r!"

We went on and talked about the syllables.  Then, I wrote out the definition.

Student #4 - "What is a boy called?"
Student #5 to Student #4 - "A son!  But not the sun in the sky.  This son is spelled s-o-n."

I decided to throw in a little review of pronouns and prepositional phrases and they rocked that too!

When we were finished, we added the word to our lexicon word ring (which the kids refer back to quite often during writing time) and went on with the rest of the day. 

Yesterday really made me realize just how valuable lexicons can be.  The kids have the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and make connections across subjects.

Meanwhile in the kitchen...

During Spring Break, my good friend Jessica's dad gave us tickets to watch Maroon 5 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Hello Adam Levine!

So...I made these cute little cookies as a thank you. 

He loved them!

Hope everyone has a great night!

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