Friday, January 2, 2015

Currently 2015

I'm a day late, but here we go anyway!

It's time for another Currently with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Oh the life of a dog!  She's not really supposed to be on the couch, but I can't help it!  I love snuggling with her!

This year, my husband was actually home during most of my break.  We got to spend Christmas day together AND ring in the New Year together!  I'm so used to him being away during this time of the year.  Guess that's the life of a pilot's wife!

Is it lunchtime yet?  My niece made some delicious Zuppa Toscana soup for us last night AND she shared the recipe with me!  I may not need to get my fix at Olive Garden anymore.  Now, if I can just figure out how to make those garlic bread sticks.

I love putting up all the decorations but taking them all down is another story!  Any takers?

It's Friday before we have to go back and reality is starting to set in!  I need to get up off this couch and get prepared to go back.  Thank goodness the kids don't come back until Tuesday.  Hopefully we don't get stuck in meetings all day Monday and actually have time to prepare for their return!

With my first baby set to arrive in February (Thank you Lord for answering our prayers!!), I definitely need to start getting more organized!  I've been really wanting to start running.  When I get the okay, my goal is to start and bring baby along!  I've been enjoying my time about one more week?  I wish!

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Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Hi Antoinette! I completely understand what you mean about getting ready for school again. It was so nice to have time off! My husband and I will be traveling back to our house tomorrow and then have Christmas decorations to take down and so many other things to do! And that soup looks delicious! I was just going to say that it looks like Olive Garden...that's all I get there!

  2. That's great you guys got to spend time together for the holidays. Mine works at the airport too and we rarely see each other during the week. It's nice to have time off together, especially before your new little one arrives! Congratulations!

  3. I had the same Loving as you!! I so enjoy my time off with him, glad you got some good quality time!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a loud snoring dog! My Iggy is so sweet but he snores like a champ! I also need to figure out when I'm going to take down all the Christmas stuff. Between that and grading, I'm hiding out online for a little while longer :) Enjoy the rest of your break!

    Glad I found your blog through Farley's linky,
    My Shoe String Life